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Welcome to Edmonton Painters Pro

Celebrating Success

Welcome to Edmonton Painters Pro. We are a premier provider of professional painting services in Edmonton, Alberta. We are also pleased to provide a number of related services including paint restoration services, interior and exterior painting services, drywalling, drywall taping and mudding, feature walls, plaster repairs and so much more. We’ve been offering professional services geared towards residential, commercial and industrial clients for many years. During this time, we have grown and flourished to become one of Edmonton’s most recognized service provider and are proud to maintain an ever-expanding list of clients within variouys industries and professions.

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Residential, Commercial & Industrial Interior Painting

Are you in search of a superior, professional paint job completed with speed and excellent quality in Edmonton? We’re your local painters in Edmonton, and we’re creating enlightened and happy customers throughout Edmonton and surrounding area by completing excellent painting projects quickly and at great rates!

Edmonton Interior Painting

Residential, Commercial & Industrial Exterior Painting

Edmonton is well known for it’s winter storms, scorching hot summers, and a variety of weather that happens in between, the climate here in Edmonton can take it’s toll on exterior surfaces. If the exterior of your home or business is looking run-down, let experts at Edmonton Painters Pro, spruce things up with our Edmonton exterior painting service.

Edmonton Exterior Painting

Wallpaper Removal

Here at Edmonton Painters Pro, we love to remove wallpaper. How difficult can it be? You cover the floors, and surfaces and start peeling. Well, not exactly, most wallpaper coverings don’t come off that easily. It takes a lot of hard of work and many hours of careful removal not to damage any walls. These are just some of the main reasons why contractors avoid it and prefer to have someone else do it for them.

Edmonton Wallpaper Removal

California Knock Down

Here at Edmonton Painters Pro, we offer a number of innovative services. One such service that is extremely popular in homes is the California ceiling. Edmonton Painters Pro has perfected this skill and has been providing and applying this technique to many homes across Edmonton and area. As a matter of fact, we have been recognized for transforming the appearance of homes with these innovative ceilings and our customers just love them.

California Knock Down

Textured Ceilings

Whether it’s a knockdown ceiling, splatter or regular textured ceiling, you can count on Edmonton Painters Pro to deliver results. As our customers change their décor, they also change the look of their ceiling to complement the room. The ceiling can add or take away from the overall feeling and look of the room depending on the color of the texture. Let Edmonton Painters Pro help you with choosing the right texture, based on personal preference. Based on your needs, we can help you choose the best ceiling texture for your desired results.

Edmonton Textured Ceilings

Varnish Finishing

It’s one thing to describe the steps of an experienced finisher, it’s an entirely different scenario to teach someone who has never applied a finish or stain to anything. If you don’t have the right knowledge and experience, let Edmonton Painters Pro finish your items add breathe new life into your old furnishings or hardwood floor. Great results at cost effective rates. Reviview and rejuvinate with our complete Varnish Finishing service.

Edmonton Varnish Finishing

Water Damage

Edmonton Painters Pro offers excellent water damage restoration services in Edmonton and have successfully dealt with many types of water damage across Edmonton and area. From Edmonton water damage restoration to Full Structural drying, we can handle all cleanup type services. We fully understand how important your property is to you and work closely with third parties, such as your insurance company so you don’t have to trouble yourself with this process.

Edmonton Water Damage

Stain & Mold Treatment

Are you still fighting with hard to remove mold? Why? Don’t waste your time and money with old school techniques and products that don’t deliver on their promise. Scrub brushing and sanding are techniques that take a lot of time to complete and can cost quite a bit in labor expenses. Edmonton Painters Pro has all the necessary tools and know how to remove mold and mold stains, effortlessly and at an affordable rate, that won’t leave you broke.

Stain and Mold Treatment

Paint Restoration

Whether you’re thinking of restoring a deck or that old hutch, don’t hesitate to contact Edmonton Painters Pro for a consult. We’ve been restoring many items and have the perfect restoration solution that will work for you and at affordable, cost-effective rates. You can rest assured that you will be completely satisfied with our solutions, so don’t hesitate to contact us for further details.

Edmonton Paint Restoration

New Construction Painting

Admittedly, painting new construction is quite a bit different from repainting an existing room or even a remodeling project. New construction poses several challenged when it comes to interior painting. While there is minimal work to do if the sheetrock hanger has done the job right, there are some things you will need to know before you take up your paint roller and brush. Why not leave the work to Edmonton Painters Pro and take all the guess work, wasted time and money, out of the equation?

New Construction Painting

Dry Wall Service

Based in Edmonton and proudly serving Edmonton communities and surrounding area, Edmonton Painters Pro are your drywall installation and repair experts. Our service is ideal for a number of different home renovations and commercial projects. Whether you are working on new walls for your home renovation or building project, or need repair and maintenance to fix wear and tear, cracks, holes, you can trust us to provide quality workmanship and reasonable prices.

Edmonton Dry Wall Service

Feature Walls

A feature wall is a highly unique, economical way to enhance your living space, for your own enjoyment and to increase its marketability. Our highly talented team will be pleased to add a memorable accent, that shape the character of your home using a number of mediums such as stone, wood or paint. Most projects are based on a dollar value per square foot value and we offer options to suit every budget.

Edmonton Feature Walls

Taping & Mudding

Many new walls and ceilings in today’s construction are mode from sheets of drywall, also known as gypsum wallboard. Drywall is a simply a plaster-like substance sealed between two sheets of heavy duty paper and attachés to the walls or ceiling using drywall screws. The long-edges of each sheet of drywall are tapered, allowing you to finish the same between the boards, thus making your walls so nice and smooth. Edmonton Painters Pro, provides superior taping and mudding services.

Edmonton Taping and Mudding

Plaster Repairs

If you live in an older home that hasn’t been renovated anytime during the last thirty years, odds are that your home interior is constructed of a plaster finish. This type of interior take a high level of skill and knowledge to repair correctly and is project you want to leave up to the pros. In order to repair any plaster damage you may have in your home, whether on the walls or the ceiling, our team must careful analyze your individual situation. Small patch jobs are be accomplished using a veneer plaster to cover up small cracks on the surface. Larger jobs will require a plaster base coat over the wood lath beneath, and sealed with a liquid bonding agent before applying a veneer coat.

Edmonton Plaster Repairs

Interior Projects - Our Image Library

We have completed thousands of indoor painting projects for many residential, commercial and industrial clients. Don’t hesitate to have a look at some of work. Check back soon as we are constantly updating out image galleries.

Edmonton Painters Pro - (780) 994-0800 - Our Indoor Projects   Edmonton Painters Pro - (780) 994-0800 - Our Indoor Projects   Edmonton Painters Pro - (780) 994-0800 - Our Indoor Projects   Edmonton Painters Pro - (780) 994-0800 - Our Indoor Projects

Interior Image Gallery

Exterior Projects - Our Image Library

We have completed thousands of outdoor painting projects for many residential, commercial and industrial clients. Don’t hesitate to have a look at some of work. Check back soon as we are constantly updating out image galleries.

Edmonton Painters Pro - (780) 994-0906 - Our Outdoor Projects   Edmonton Painters Pro - (780) 994-0906 - Our Outdoor Projects   Edmonton Painters Pro - (780) 994-0906 - Our Outdoor Projects   Edmonton Painters Pro - (780) 994-0906 - Our Outdoor Projects

Exterior Image Gallery

Contacting Edmonton Painters Pro

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